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The Crazy Cats Theatre

Just two small town cats living in a lonely world, they took the midnight train going anywhere…


Rebecca Dilg: producer, photographer, multi-creative, walker, Instagram and Twitter, lover of rock, musicals and cats. Plenty of coffee. Only plant milk, please. Coriander? Go away.

Previously: Illusions of Liberty, Big (Vaults Festival), The Santa Crisis, Visions of Bradford, So you say, I will miss you when you’re gone, In Search of Myself.

Upcoming theatre projects: The Olympus Crisis.

Upcoming film projects: Enough!

Julia Warren, aka White Raven, aka B.Lloyd: writer, director, filmmaker, illustrator/designer, Twitterer, lover of cats, opera and nonsense. Chai latte. Yes. Almond croissants. Yum. Cumin. Please don’t. 

Previously: Madame Chiffage, Of Kings and Lions, The Santa Crisis, The Last Croissant.

Next: The Olympus Crisis, Puss in Boots (a la Mode), The Mad Poet’s Cafe


We are a small group of creatives from stage, screen and the arts aiming to create accessible, affordable networking and other opportunities for creatives, along with the opportunity to produce work that both entertains and spreads a bit of peace, love and rock ‘n’ roll...


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