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The Crazy Cats Christmas Writing Competition 2022

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 The winning entries of "12 Days of Christmas Chaos" are below.

We had so many great entries and that is why we will publish 13 stories.

(Not all are suitable for children)

Winner - Gillian Robertson - The Fright Before Christmas

2nd Prize - Lynsey Balloch - Breaking Tradition

 3rd Prize - Sally Curtis - Behind Every Great Man...

Jarick Weldon - The Tenth Reindeer

Stuart McLean - A Hardboiled Christmas Carol

Owen Townend - The Boxing Day Grotto

Peter Hankins - Twelve Days of Massachras

Stewart Arnold - A Christmas Visitor

Trevor La Rene - Merry Christmas Evil

Louise Johnston - Die Hard with a parrot

Deane McElree - The Piano Man

Tommelise Peters - The Christmas Resistance

Diane Milhan - Elmer’s Last Christmas Morning



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