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The Crazy Cats Easter Short Story Writing Competition 2023


Submissions open: 31st January

Submissions close: 31st March

Winners will be announced 6th April

  • 1st prize: £70

  • 2nd prize: £30

  • 3rd prize: £20

​​Enter here

Early Bird Discount until 28th February with 10EASTER2023

Special discount for previous participants of our writing competitions. Do get in touch!

THEME/GENRE: Open theme BUT we want you to use swear words and/or insults in your short story. HOWEVER, the swear words and insults must be pastry- and/or chocolate related.

"I don't like you, you croissant!"
"Get lost, you Mars bar!"
"Malteser off!"
"Get the Twix out of here!"
"Don't be such a doughnut!"

You get the idea... While the theme is open, it may be Easter related. Think of characters like Monster Daffodils, Mad Easter Bunnies, Detective Chickens and Missing Easter Eggs.

As always, if you have any questions, we are only a message away!


  • Participants need to be at least 18 years old and can be based anywhere!

  • 250 - 2.500 words

  • Stories need to be unpublished

  • Only PDF files will be accepted

  • Formatting preferences: 1.5 line spacing,12 pt, Arial or any sans-serif font of your choice

  • Please don’t send first drafts, re-read a few times. No priority is given to early submissions

  • Ask others to read/check

  • Check for formatting, grammar, typos and structure

  • When purchasing an entry, you will receive a link to our submission form

How to find the submission form link
1. Go to your Order Confirmation Email, scroll to the bottom and click on Go To Your Order. Click on Go To Your Items and you will be forwarded to the submission form
2. Go to your Ko-fi account - Payment History, find the order and click on View Details and then View Content and you will be forwarded to the submission form.

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